Monday, October 1, 2012

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 9.2 :best firewall to download for free

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 9.2: Firewall is still the best defense to fight against the pitfalls of hackers who use the network to infect you or rob you. Zone Alarm, Zone Labs, Inc.., Available in free version for individuals.

This software of virus protection acts as a barrier that filters incoming data on your computer the great strength of such an application is that it allows you to define accurately what applications can connect to the Internet.

So, taking the example of the recent Lovesan and Blaser, which spread around the world by exploiting a flaw in Windows, it would be sufficient that each user has a firewall so that the attack is negated .

Indeed, to operate, these viruses were calling program Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Once installed ZoneAlarm, when the virus gets under way and tries to connect to the network, the program Generic Host Process for Win 32 is denied access to the Internet and the virus is still on your computer, but it is totally obstructed.

Should be an expert to configure a firewall? Definitely not. Simply configure the firewall so that it prompts you for confirmation before connecting to the internet application. When you see a suspicious program tries to connect.

                       Download Zonealarm Free 9.2 Firewall 

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