Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ares: P2P tool network sharingfor free

Ares (2.1.7): Ares Galaxy is a free tools most used in the case of applications for file sharing on the network, so that the software can share as many files whatever the type specifically music, audio, or pictures, or even document files.

Ares is characterized by its user-friendly interface, so that it becomes easy for users to control downloaded or those who are being downloaded, even after viewing the most intuitive way of downloaded files.

Ares 2.1.7 implements a search option than the implementation of tools that enable online conversations within a network. Which guarantees a heterogeneous environment meeting.

Soon we AresGalaxy installed on the machine, you must realize and take into consideration the quality of subjects downloads files.

Download ares  for free


Google Chrome: navigation software free download

Google Chrome: This is a good web browser, so it provides users a very optimal navigation, everything is thanks to its very intelligent navigation system, anyway, Google Chrome provides guarantees for a webmaster security level, so that each browser window opens only in a tab, rather than its ability to save the last pages seen after an unplanned shutdown.

Google Chrome makes available a large number of topics, which helps efficiently in determining final product status.

During the sessions of navigation using Google Chrome, it gives you the choice to save passwords typed, which prevents the user forgetting their password.

Download google chrome free

Saturday, April 20, 2013

ImgBurn: Free tool engraving software download

ImgBurn This is usually one of the most powerful software in the burning area, given its simplicity and usability, ImgBurn is the focal point of a large part of the users who want it to create or burn cd / dvd of the simplest and most accurate.

Img Burner is designed to support a large number of extensions subjects burning and authoring files, so that the software takes into account the formats BIN, GI, DVD ... further that the etching rate is higher by compared to other burning tools.

On the other hand, ImgBurn implements the functionality of automatic speed adjustment according to the characteristics of the materials used, the goal is to have access to excellent results dice the task of creation is completed.

The most current version is the last known ImgBurn

 Download ImgBurn   Free  

PC Wizard:software of and analysis and detection free

PC Wizard 2010.1.961: This is a very powerful tool that can specify and detect the hardware in any computer, even this detection still takes into account the latest technology, even on the other hand this software is able to make well detailed analysis of the machine, besides being able to test the performance of the latter, all with the aim to specify the level of operation of the machine in order to rectify the problems and faults if there is some one.

PCWizard analyse processor, RAM, hard disk, drive units and others.
PC Wizard 2010.1.962 is the latest version of this free software to download.
download PC Wizard 2010.1.962 free

CPU-Z information collection pc free

CPU-Z: This is such a high-level software that helps effectively in determining the information to any machine, usually the information obtained after consultation with CPU-Z 1.58 is that concerning the micro pressure and performance such as speed and the number, type, name and other information about the motherboard, specifically the name of the same card model bios, in addition to the types of connectors cards (sound, graphic ...).

In addition, CPU-Z provides information about the system in a general way, as a sort of example, mention the type of operation, the version and other information system to discover after installing CPU Z 1.58.
CPU-Z 1.58 download free free

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nero Multimedia Suite 10: Tips to Succeed allow an engraving

Nero Multimedia Suite 10: Success  a print or not depends on many parameters, here are some basic rules to follow to complete this operation. For burning a CD, of course, is not very complicated. But there are still some basic rules to follow if you do not want to have too many losses consumables ...

Must be such that if you do not have a burner using the Burn Proof or JustLink technology, etching should at no time be interrupted, so you think you disable any screen saver.

If you record from a CD, you have two options you burning on the fly or picture. The first is more risky but faster.
 Also to limit the damage, consider looking for example if the original CD is clean, because fingerprints can be enough to cause a problem reading so suddenly empty the buffer of the drive.

 Nero Multimedia Suite 10 download free

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PassMem soft sécurité password free

PassMem Although secure password requires some experience: for example, a strong password is the one who combines a variety of different characters (numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase and others ...).

In general we can not exclude - a way definitively the possibility to spy and detect our sensitive data (critical dates access codes, figures, numbers). The right choice to be safe is to install a tool that allows effective protection of all personal data you stoker on your machine.

PassMem: program offer a perfect solution for the three main requirements for a manager password:
- Easy to put a new entry, with as few clicks as possible
-Easy to find an entry using a quick-search feature
- The safety, security, security.

Download Free PassMem  free

RegCleaner:Download free pc optimization software.

Over the period of validity of a hard disk augumente more than its value in memory decreases thanks to the effects of fragmentation, for this reason it is not a lot of computers that plant during normal operation; RegCleaner is generally designed to fight against this hard disk problems.

RegCleaner is a free software , easy to download and install, it usually has several options like fixes bugs disk so that RegCleaner is a scan of all the records in the database system, and then generated a report containing all information about the system (viruses, bugs, errors, ......).

RegCleaner is more capable of detecting errors that cause a malfunction pc, all in order to make faster pc.

On the other hand, this free computer optimization software still able to neutralize or remove the applications that run at startup, which makes the Flexible system.

RegCleaner gives access to spot suavgarde or restoration, so it is possible to restore restore accidentally deleted data information (cockies. ...).

This software has a very good interface , it is also compatible with most systems like  Windows..

Download RegCleaner free

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Download Driver HP PSC 1315 printer

If you have a printer type HP PSC 1315 that allows printing, it is sometimes difficult to printing or scanning in the absence of a compatible driver for this driver that can implement the basic functions of a machine for performing printing.

This driver HP PSC 1315 has some limitations, manner that it does not consider the case of printer sharing over the network.

Note: During installation the following message may appear <accées refusé>, simply visit the site and download new versions .

Download  HP PSC 1315 Driver Free

Samsung PC Studio 3 :Software mobile Samsung free

Samsung PC Studio 3 is one of the tools with the ability to manage smartphone like Samsung from his computer in the easiest manner.

Samsung PC Studio contains various options such as connection manager, that most free software also offers users a contact manager to manage easily stored at cantacts phone and sim card.

On the other hand we find that samsung studio offers the possibility of creating photo albums, in addition to the possibility of viewing video files and audio ds, not to mention the possibility of activation of a simple  transfer from phone to pc with  the most intuitive manner.

The latest version of Samsung PC Studio  is that 3, this software is compatible with most operating systems like windows (xp, vesta, 7 ...).

Download Free Samsung PC Studio 3

Camtasia Studio: software creation video free

Camtasia Studio: There is a high level tool which plays the role of a creator of the video of the easiest way, so has the help of this software you can gain access to first catch screen, even more to create a video montage of good quality.

The main advantage of CamtasiaStudio is that it keeps the sharpness of video creates more he simultaneously plays several roles other than editing and capture as editing and other features to discover after installing Camtasia Studio.

This software is released in two versions, one free,  another more efficient to buy (Full version).
Download Camtasia Studio 7  free

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ultimate Boot CD: boot system software free download

Ultimate Boot CD is a free software to burn to get a bootable cd, it is usually designed to make diagnostic system malfunctions during pc, it is a good tool for optimizing computer completely free.

  Ultimate Boot CD provided users with several functions, so that the diagnosis can be hard to repair the hard disk sectors for even faster access to data, as well as Ultimate Boot CD can partition the hard disk of a effectively.

Ultimat Boot CD 5.1.1 plays the role of assembling information system that gives more access to a duplication (cloning) content hard, not to mention his role as a high quality antivirus.

On the other hand, we find that due to the use of Ultimate Boot CD, recovery of lost passwords seems possible.

Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) can run on many different types of operating systems Linux, Windows, mac...

Download  Ultimate Boot CD 5.1.1  free

Anti Duplicates files 2010 v analyze, detect and delete duplicates

Anti Duplicates : How can you tell if you have saved a file or files more than once on your system?
With Anti Duplicates It's very simple to detect duplicate files, this program allows you to take duplicate files according to various criteria: creation date, modification date or last access date, size and name of course.

Anti Duplicates 2010 helps you make more free space on your disk delete unnecessary files, this is the conclusion of an analysis performed on your disk with this tool.

Anti Duplicates 2010 v download free 

BurnAware Free 3.0.1: to burn all CD and DVD formats

BurnAware Free 3.0.1: A perfect  software to copy and engraving, allows users can save files on a disk quick offer more flexible interface to help you to complete your burning tasks and faster.

BurnAware Free what characteristics?
This utility allows you to:
- Create data and multisession CD / DVD /
-Create audio CDs
-Create DVD-Video
-Create and burn disc images
-Supports all current hardware interfaces (IDE / SCSI / USB / 1394 / SATA).

Download BurnAware Free 3.0.1 Free

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free Mp3 Wma Converter: software free conversion

Free MP3 WMA Converter is a software audio converters considered, Fawn's using this converter each user can perform any conversions and mp3 audio files in general, the conversion may be made to a many other extensions: Ma4, mp3, wma, flac ...

On the other hand, Free Mp3 Wma Converter is able to convert files with the extension m4a to most other extensions.

This software is totally free.
Download Free MP3 WMA Converter free

Photo Plus: free photo editing software

Photo Plus: This is a photo editing software widely used, so that it can make a number of changes at any photo or an image, as PhotoPlus is free, it remains one of points of interest of users around the world, taking into consideration the ease of use, which helps to have a picture of change in the most adequate.

Photo Plus is characterized by a large number of features, which are to be operated by users to access a better realize projects recorks photo. More Photo Plus SE provides access to create effects bring a picture according to the user choice.

The latest version of this software retouching photos is the SE, it is also compatible with most operating systems such as Windows (xp, 7, vista ...).
Download photo plus free 

FileZilla 3.5.3: download and manage files on multiple servers

FileZilla 3.5.3:It's a powerful tool to manage FTP transfers, to download several files at once from and to several servers.

  FileZilla also lets you browse FTP sites mid-transfer. If your bandwidth is somewhat limited, you'll appreciate a feature that lets you automatically adjust transfer speeds in response to the time of day or date. FileZilla supports drag and drop, SSL and SSH.

FileZilla 3.5.3 free download


Saturday, April 13, 2013

FreeOCR: Free tool scanner

FreeOCR: These include a high software level that improves the operation of an ideal scanner, so that gives access to make changes to the files that the user has come from scanner precisely these changes affect the text.
As we all know, that when you do a scan of any file, the modification of this file seems impossible, especially we need to rectify is important information, for this reason, and because the use of FreeOCR Others you can edit the scanned text, even add or delete a paragraph as required.

FreeOCR 3.0 implements even other features of value, such as the choice of zoom, in addition to the tool pivoting etc..
                               Download FreeOCR3.0 free

driver checker:pc drivers software for free

Driver checker: There is a high level software which allows to solve the problems regarding the lack at the part of drivers and drivers in a computer's way of using driver checker can be detected easily and the most intuitive list of drivers who lack even the list of drivers compatible with the machine in question.
Like this, and thanks to driver checker can completely forget the malfunctions of the system which are mainly related to drivers, especially when there is a loss of all pilot following a format or uninstall...
Download driver checker for free

Thursday, April 11, 2013

PC Agent: pc monitoring software free download

  PC software agent is a very perferment soft of visualizing user activities and records (monitoring).

  PC Agent allow you to monitor and record user activities and store the encrypted data in log files. The log files can be sent either via  Internet or local network where the control would be completely invisible, activities such as keystrokes, passwords, mouse clicks, file operations, printer, scanner, modem, removable media, power state, visited web sides, screenshots, user login, clipboard and emails can be easily monitored and recorded by the agentPC soft.

But this software of monitoring has some limitations so that it is possible to secure the access to this software, even from other software that efficiently helps in improving the rate of visibility activities of users on the computer.

Download pc  agent for free

Visual Porn Blocker:Software filtering website free

Visual Porn Blocker :it's a very good software, it is designed to generally intelligent filtering for sites on the web, which makes it even easier control parental control sites do not have the right to be shown on the web browser.

Visual Porn blocker is used to restrict access to many websites, such as porn sites or sex, even sites for retail customers are generally adults, manner that pressing the tab "block" makes the kind of access to these sites strictly impossible.

The latest version of Visual Porn blocker that is known as Visual Porn Blocker, this version is completely free to download.

download  free porn blocker free

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

download driver Epson Stylus DX8450 free

The Epson Stylus DX8450 is one of the most popular product in the field of printing, generally it is a inkjet printer that provides several features.

Epson Stylus DX8450 is a printer compatible with most operating systems: UNIX, Windows, mac, just download the driver that Epson Stylus DX8450 most appropriate.

In addition, Epson Stylus DX8450 integrates a scanner to scan images and files, it also incorporates several more extensions memory card, flash ..

Download driver Epson Stylus DX8450 free

Express Burn Free 4.58: excellent report value

NCH ​​Swift Sound Editor Free Express Burn highlights the ease of use of the program must recognize that in practice it is not quite the case its grip is not insurmountable but will demand an adjustment period longer or shorter depending on your level of expertise to create a data CD is particularly laborious adding files and directories being through a dialog box would have been simple as it is customary to have two windows adjacent to perform drag and drop from one to the other for that you must start Windows Explorer what the online help does not but from these Express Burn Free some points is up and assumes its role perfectly.

  including copying CDs has nothing to envy to win rare CDR CD that the software refuses to duplicate the options are very comprehensive and allow you to precisely set the trial in addition to burning audio compilations can be engraved from classic file formats WAV and MP3 as well as WMA Microsoft (readable with media player).

Express Burn Free is a good little known program which restricts much reduced price performance.

Download Express burn free 4.58 for free

Format Factory: Free Media Conversion Software

Format Factory 3.00: These include a high-level software that provides access to the conversion of media files to other types of extensions, such as Format Factory implements most of the types of extensions commonly used in the world of audio / video playback.

Format Factory supports the following extensions: MP3, MPG, MP3, AVI, WMX ... not to mention free software that allows conversion in addition to the collection of video files to DVD, it is also possible to restoration of corrupted files for easy reading later.

FormatFactory 3 supports more extensions compatible with Iphone, PSP, Blackberry ...

This software is a free tool and easy to download and use, it is also compatible with most systems like windows (xp, 2000,98) .....

 Download Format factory 3.00 Free

Sunday, February 3, 2013

adobe flash player: télécharger logiciel de lecture vidéo gratuit

Monday, January 28, 2013

Free PDF to Word Converter :Software to convert pdf files

Free PDF to Word Converter: This is a high-level software download easily to convert PDF to WORD format in order to facilitate the operation and security of the data in PDF's manner of using this software simple it has become easy to create word files of the most friendly manner, in addition to Free PDF to Word Converter 1.3 considers the same pictures and photos all fonts when converting handwriting to word.

Free PDF to Word Converter supports conversion from encrypted PDF files, plus it keeps the simple software layout converted files.

Free PDF to Word Converter 1.3 can convert more files larger size than this software is compatible with most types of ds operating systems (XP, vista ..), not to mention that it does not require large space on the hard disk to install and start the conversion to word.

Download Free PDF to Word Converter 1.3 free