Wednesday, October 24, 2012

VUSE 4.7.2: file sharing software+ download file for free

download vuse free
VUSE 4.7.2 is a file sharing software on the Internet, including a program  per-to-per accées P2P facilitates shared data anywhere on internet.Vuse free implements many features and perfermances to make sharing on the web easier.

After having to install and configure vuse, a choice list opens, the manner search shared files on the network seems very easy to do, only that type the full name or part or the software interface vuse , just after matching results appear, the fact remains that download has more with this free software you are entitled to multiple downloads suméltanément, which helps in améloiration and accélration downloaded files thanks to VUSE 4.7.2.

Vuse offers users a video player, the player is able to handle multiple video formats to expand the use of video files.

This free software generally works under different systems such as Windows, in addition to the current version is the latest addition Vuse 4.7.2.

Download Vuse 4.7.2 for free

Ashampoo Burner CD:Download free cd burner software

download ashampoo free
Ashampoo burner data is primarily a CD burning software with it you can back up your files by performing simple manipulations very basic operating on the principle of drag and drop you can simply select one of the files or directories you save shaitez on a CD-rom you can also simply use.

Interface of this burning software  data which proves very simple and very intuitive after selecting the files to burn click the button below and select the engraving will be asked if you have more than one if the software is to identify change in your setup the burning device installed if you've ever complaining are Features software was too difficult to use or configures it will not be the case with ashampoo burinya data CD side features menus are rather spartan and ease of use leaves little room for debauchery functions this software we offer free test produces multisession CD with this feature lets you add your burned CDs.

other files, at least until you have exhausted the available space on the cake for this at the opening of the application click on the title réoctuoliser CD data after obviously inserted in the CD burning -rom containing your first record ,you can just add different files to burn with ashampoo in the new session.

Download Ashampoo Burner CD for free

Revo Uninstaller: Download free computer cleaning software

download revo unistaller free
Revo Uninstaller 1.93: This is one of the most software widely used thanks to its principal role of uninstalling and cleaning machines, whatever the type, so that the software is a clean intelligent computer, the more it contributes uninstalling components as the correct one, while including software that persist during uninstallation.

RevoUninstaller implements a number of features to facilitate user interaction with the software so that it contains a user-friendly interface, it also implements a mode called fashion hunter whose goal is to mark an area in the form of a cross, and each time a program is about to uninstall, the user does not need oriente zone on the icon of the latter; immediately after, the uninstallation starts automatically, while giving a l user a number of choices in selecting appropriate.

In addition, Revo Uninstaller 1.93 is able to suppress and hide all traces of actions and activities performed on the computer.

The last version of this most free software is that known as Revo Uninstaller 1.93.

 Free download Revo Uninstaller 1.93 free

AddWeb Solution SEO of your websites

free download seo
AddWeb is a tool dedicated to SEO websites on the Internet has a very comprehensive report utility. Ranking function allows you to access statistical reports on your SEO. Viewing its position if the classification does not suit you, you enough to repeat your request.

AddWeb features are complete, you can launch the SEO of your site to dozens of search engines, you can put your space on the internet several times.

AddWeb is a soft free compatible with all Windows family. The software has a flexible and intuitive interface.

download AddWeb Free 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AbiWord 2.8.6: Download free software corrector language

download abiword free
AbiWord 2.8.6 is a dedicated software using the correction of languages, such as word processing standalone tool that fits in the Word menu bar and her assistant correction functions, translation and grammar.

AbiWord ideal for a single user, it may further read the current file type. Doc, txt, and HTML in French through the recognition of the language used automatically

AbiWord 2.8.6, while perfectly correct common mistakes conscious user can control its corrections also intervene on its text correction mode assisted software choices and indicates the rule used to meet more teaching.

AbiWord grammar provides an interface for interactive access by topic or keyword and the user can deepen their knowledge by simply clicking the corrector integration of logistics suite avoids tedious tasks such as simultaneous manipulations on your treatment text.

download AbiWord 2.8.6 for Free

Google Toolbar: Download Toolbar for Internet Explorer

download google toolbar for free
Google Toolbar: This is an add-on that allows you to implement the appropriate browser in a set of choices and features to open more performance to users, these tools are necessarily display any pagerank website visited to see the popularity of any website, in addition to the option page translation into other languages ​​whose goal is to increase the rate of research hope whatever language understandable by the user himself.

In addition, the choice of registration as the bookmarks list of websites most visited is open during use Google Toolbar 4, more options to apply to access to research the easiest way, besides other features and tools to discover after installing Google Toolbar 4.

 download Google Toolbar 4 for  free

HP PSC 1210 Driver: download the HP printer driver for free

download driver hp for free

This software is the driver of any type printer PSC 1210, HP has noted that this type of printer provides high quality printing, even there the possibility to use the scanner and OCR.

This driver HP PSC 1210 gives access to more tinkering pictures, even make a color print.

HO PSC 1210 Driver 2.1.0 is completely free and easy to download.

download driver HP PSC 1210 for free 

Labtec Notebook WebCam: cam driver free download

download driver cam free

Labtec Notebook WebCam is a driver (software) partion to those who have the webcam Labtec Notebook WebCam type, or type WebCam Plus SE, or Webcam Pro Labtec ® webcam WebCam Plus. Usually this is a webcam software Free and easy to install to run the cam pc.

Labtec Notebook WebCam 10.5.1 require a number of components to be installed, for example, it cites DirectX 9.x, besides Internet Explorer 6 or higher, even for those who have Windows as operating system, service pack 2 is required.

Labtec Notebook WebCam driver download free 

CloneCD Free Download CloneCD

download clonecd free
Clone CD is part of the publisher burning software that are experiencing considerable success with a number of category of users.

Following the example of CDRWin with which it competes, the program is devoted exclusively to the copy. Its installation requires less than 2.61 MB of disk space. Similarities with CDRWin does not stop: behind a minimal interface, which boils down to a simple toolbar, hide powerful options for a priori to overcome any type of CD-ROM.

CloneCD with the online help, however, is much richer and more explicit, however, it is impossible to create a multisession CD in practice, the software reveals performât and demonstrated reliability.

  This is the number of devices recognized that fishing CloneCD Supported burners are few appropriate drivers as and as many devices out.

CloneCD free download free

JDownloader: Download software for download free

download jdownloader free
JDownloader is a very good software generally designed to manage the downloading computer,it  is a free software developped in Java.

JDownloader 0.9581 partion is a type of all users, even those that manner are not registred and not having a premuim account jdownload can work with, it makes downloading from the web seveurs of fle.

Note that this free software download provides ongoing user not having a premuim account, even more it offers the service decompressing files, which helps in simplifying the download.

The JRE installation on the machine is necessary to install Jdownloder.

Download  Jdownloder 0.9581 for free 

SpeedFan:download software optimization pc for free

download soft free
SpeedFan is a software of computer monitoring in general, manner that this free software plays the role of monitoring computer components such as CPU, fan and another is a very good software to optimize well the pc.

SpeedFan 4.47 gives access to users to have access to SMART information, with the help of this information the user can easily identify the sources déffaience system of the machine, and to audit the most correct, besides AC Sped fan is used to analyze the processor, and then analyze the perfermences processors, even more the ability to analyzes to control fan temperature to protect the processor and integrated circuits.

Speed ​​Fan is a free software that is compatible with operating systems like Windows, more than the latest version is 4.47.

SpeedFan 4.47 free download free

Monday, October 22, 2012

CopyTrans Suite: download sync software Ipod / iphone free

download CopyTrans Suite free
CopyTrans Suite software (shareware) which plays the role equivalent to the synchronization tools like iphone itunes or other, it is designed primarily to peripherals like iPod or iPhone all the same, it plays the role of synchronization pictures, video, mp3, mp4 and all kind of file supported by iPhone or iPod.

CopyTrans Suite integrates several functional software to expand the use of manner's using this synchronization software, the user can easily transferring videos and mp3 Iphone or Ipod to the computer, even still upload photos albums or iPod to pc or vice versa, in addition to the possibility of sauvgardes iTunes and restore Ipod, Iphone.

CopyTrans Suite 4.836 is a software that can manage many pérepheriques a time, it allows even more iPod or iphone repair more than the ability to retrieve data lost in a very efficient manner.

  The latest version of CopyTrans Suite is CopyTrans Suite 4.836, it is compatible with most types of operating systems like windows.

Download CopyTrans Suite 4.836 free free

Quick Word to PDf: Download software to convert word to pdf free

download pdf converter
 pdf to word converter, this is one of the questions answered on the world of computing, the manner of converting files to PDF format actually helps in data security, Quick Word to PDf just been created to achieve this purpose PDF word-free conversion.

Using Quik word pdf is very easy dice installing this software, it is automatically integrated in the word interface, adding a placeholder to convert to PDF from the simplest manner and following a simple click.

Note that the word files converted with the help of quick-pdf word will have no change, images, fonts, lines, nothing is changed to keep the main trace file word as it is.

Quick Word to PDF 3.0 is a free software and supports most types of operating systems Windows.

Download Quick Word to PDf 3.0 free free

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nokia PC Suite 7.1:free download NOKIA synchronization software free

download nokia pc suite for free
Nokia PC Suite 7.1 is a software designed for the Nokia device, it is commonly used for access to data stored on the device from an application installed on the computer. Moreover in nokia pc suite that is still a good synchronization tool type device Nokia.

Install nokia pc suite will offer to user a wide choice read, so it is possible to make a backup of data and pictures stored on the device even more there is the ability to manage contacts on the phone in a very simple way,'s not forget using software nokia result it is possible to share the 3G connection on the phone with the computer.

In addition, nokia pc suite 7.1 gives access to the installation of the application on the device, even to make updates to perepherique.

The latest version of nokia suite is known as the Nokia pc suite 7.1, this version is compatible with all Windows versions.

Downlaod Nokia pc suite 7.1 free

Super Utilities 9.9.9 :download free pc cleaning software

download super utilities free Super Utilities 9.9.9 is a software for cleaning computer the most famous, so has with the help of this simple software, you can use several features to make the operation faster pc.

optimize pc, is the issue of concern to the majority of users, so that the data accumulated at HDD, register at the same viruses that interferes with the ordinal of the machine, all these factors gives more weakness in the system, with  Super Utilities  you can generally wipe the hard drive and registry (registry clean).

Note that this version of Super Utilities 9.9.9 implements additional features compared to the other version, everything has to go make a more optimal cleaning.

Super Utilities implements the function known as GUARD Folder allows to hide folders, even deletion feature traces left after a navigation, and there are other performances to discover after download Super Utilities  9.9. 9.

Download Super utilities 9.9.9 for free

Glary Utilities: free software for cleaning + protection pc

Glary Utilities is a high quality software, designed just to improve the functioning of a computer ordinal, even more, glary utilitie is a good way to fix system vulnerabilities and help in improving safety rate.

Free Glary Utilities can make intelligent cleaning machine to detect malicious items,more than,this free software allows clean up the registry and delete the record completely on the internet.

Thanks to the use of glary utility, you can easily analyze disk space, there is even the possibility of detecting elements and duplicate files, plus the ability to manage the shell extensions a very efficient manner.

Further that that, we found that computer optimization software is designed to even further optimize memory, to manage the same proprgammes be launched right from the Starter, and catering and other features to discover after you have installed Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is completely free to download, and it works in most versions of Windows.

Glary Utilities free download free

Word Viewer :download software for reading word files.

Word Viewer is a free software that allows very preferment to play the role of a visieonneur word without having to install Microsoft Office completely, just install word viewer as an extension to save space and time.

The Word Viewer gives access to read word documents in a manner easy,mare than  it's a free software implements all the features in Word 2003/2007, without forgetting that one word viewer supports documents written in word (windows or mac).

Note that this software supports different formats of documents (word, html, wordperfect ..).

Download word viewer 1 for free

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sudoku Portable :download sudoko for free

Sudoku Portable: With this mobile game called Sudoku, you can forget the time or can not find something to do, the purpose of which is access to work a little thought, the principle is to access a fill the most exact Sudoku Portable chosen by the player according to the degree of difficulty that suits him.

As its name suggests, we find that it is a sudoku portable type, so it is possible to put it on a USB key, which guarantees all the support for this mini game everywhere, even more; Sudoku This game is characterized by its defeminization four levels of difficulty to choose according to the abilities of the players.

Download Sudoko portable for free

Friday, October 5, 2012

Atlantis:Download software for writing for free

Atlantis: Sometimes it is caused to write text for some reason, and we find not the most appropriate software for capturing and processing, fortunately more opportunities are available to meet this need, atlantis remains one of the products with the to satisfy this need, so that this simple software  provided a tool for word processing pleasant, this is a very easy soft to use the different features for these more open preferences and choices to the users of Atlantis.

 Atlantis is equipped with a user-friendly interface and anyone has the ability to interact at this free software for writing, more than that, Atlantis has painted more with the help of a brush and other tools and features to discover after installing this software.

Like most known software, Atlantis delivered a trial version for 30 days, even to buy another whose goal is to have a complete version.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PDF to Word:download pdf to word converter free

download pdf to word converter
PDF-to-Word 7.3 is one of the most used software, thanks to its main function of converting PDF files to Word, with using this free soft, it has become possible to convert files PDF to word for expanding the use of text files in general.

 The problem is that a number of PDF files can not be modified, it is often impossible to add or delete or overwrite data on a PDF ,that is possible on other formats ( Word ), for this reason, a large portion of users believe to convert PDF documents to Word.

With PDF-to-Word you can change all your PDF document, this is the tool that helps you convert these files to popular Word format.

Download YouTube Song Downloader 2012 :best free music download software

YouTube Song Downloader 2012: YouTube Downloader mp3 is a free software  to download at the easiest way mp3 files from the Internet, in a manner that generally gives hands free software users to enter the name or the title of the mp3 songs , just after, a list is generated automatically by returning results suitable to the research topic.

YouTube Song Downloader is a powerful soft to download music for free, thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can access to have everything you want (mp3 music ).

In addition, YouTube Downloader Song is more capable of downloading other types of music files, so as an example we cite flv, mp4 ...

Download YouTube Song Downloader 2012 for free

SuperCopier: file transfer software(copy) free

download supercopier for free
SuperCopier2.2: This is a high software for transferring files ,that is used to implement in the system a number of features not offered by the operating system, so that SuperCopier 2.2 Beta Can manage the task of copying file ,more than super free software allows you to resume all copies have failed, as it is capable of displaying error messages when the destination size is small.

Super Copy manages more transfer when it is u transfer in a network, so that it handles multiple criteria to ensure that the data will be transferred to a more effective way (vitesse. ..).

SuperCopier 2.2 software is completely free, even the most current version is the latest 2.2 Beta.

Nero 12: download free software for burning and conversion

download nero 12 for free
Nero 12 is one of the most requested software in the computer world, thi software of burning  was the first software to provide management with the open-buring recorders supporting this feature. In version 12, Nero and also able to simultaneously control two drives of different brands.

This sums up the philosophy of the program is sent before any users experienced enthusiasts setting.

Beginners will, too, fully satisfied by the use of this program. Consulting the printed manual is available as online help is complete, many configuration options you can pass any type of burning, and with a clear interface, creating multisession CD does not pose problems.

Nero 12 reaches maturity and is now happily show more stability. The audio processing tools put at your disposal are effective: your compilations will be perfect, Nero benefit, in addition, an excellent follow-up: regular updates to bring new features and support for the latest models of drives.

Compared to other versions of nero (burning software),  nero 12 integrate more functionality, such as Nero BackItUp Burn that same backup and recover your data in one click and others, without forgetting that this software allows in addition to conversion of files in a manner effective.

 Download Nero 12 for free

Reverso perso :download software of translation for free

download software for translation free
Reverso perso is a high-level software that plays the role of facilitating the task of users translating texts into other languages ​​to make understanding easier meaning whatever the original language text to be translated.

One of the key quality of  reverso perso  is supportation a number of different programs, so that it supports text from programs Excel, Word, even further that this, this software allows the translation text of web pages, so that just paste the translated text in the left reverso personal, and in some time the submitted text will be translated into another language selected by the user himself.

reverso Personal is a program characterized by friendliness interface, as it is a free software to download .

Download Reverso perso for free

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Restore USB Files:download software recovery data (hard drive+usb) free

download restore usb files free
Restore USB Files is a very requested software on the web, thanks to its main function, which is presented in its puissence to the recuperation and réstaurastion deleted files on a computer.

How many times have you made ​​the deletion of files on hard disk or USB key .. and a lot of times you find that you need those deleted files, usb recovery software is designed for this, it can retrieve the files of all types (images, text, music ..), while cases include full formating of hard disk of the computer.

restore usb files is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use, anyone can recover lost data in a very short time.

This software supports all types of peripherals, that more than restore usb file is valid for most versions of Windows.

Download Restore USB Files for free

Unrar 2012 :Download software of compression +archiving for mac

download unrar for free
Unrar: Unrar 2012 is a very powerful software for compressing and decompressing files of any type, whose aim is to gain access to space on a storage unit , files processed using a Unrar mac usually take the extension. rar, as well as more this tool is for operating systems like mac OS.

More than its role as a tool with excellent compression / decompression of files, Unrar 2012 is more the role of error correction in the most simple and most correct, which makes it as a focal point for several.

   Download Unrar for mac free

CVitae: Download the best software to write CV

download CVitae for free
CVitae is a very good software designed for writing curruculum vitae (CV) manner that this software addresses a manner effective content and informations to build a complete CV of high quality.

CVitae: From the moment we mind the participation in a contest, or when trying to slip any station, the first thing you must have is a resume(CV) well written and accurate, this step, the contribution of CVitae  1.0 spot in resume writing, all with the aim of access to construct a high quality CV can attract the attention of recruiters dice first sight.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1:download software to delete duplicate files free

download duplicate cleaner for free
Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1 is a very useful program for those who want to put their PC in order by identifying and removing duplicate files.

Duplicate Cleaner can also clean up files that are not duplicates and empty folders if you wish. The program gives you three basic options for searching: folder (s), file type (s), and the filter criteria.

For advanced users, Duplicate Cleaner software seems very common, it is not the same case for debiting, this application allows you to check the boxes of the items you wish to edit and perform an action - Delete / Delete Trash Move folder, or create a hard links.

Download Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1 for free

Audacity 2.0.2:download audio player + mixer free

Audacity freeware: Audacity software is a tool for processing audio, so has the help of this free software you can make several changes to a certain level files,realy it's a good free audio editing software.

As a tool for processing,recording and playback of audio files, you can add audicity silence in an audio file, rather than the possibility that mutes the audio level requested by the user, rather than its ability conversion.

On the other hand the audacity software allows you to make unlimited recordings and save them.

  Download audacity 2.0.2 for free

Free FLV Converter :download free flv converter+downloder

download free flv converter for free
Free FLV Converter flv converter is a software used to convert a number of files to multiple extensions, plus its role conversion, this software allows you to download videos simply from url of the video sites (youtube, google video ....).

Free file Converter still plays the role of preview video before starting the download, which ensures a well targeted and download good quality.

As a general ,Free FLV Converter 7.0  is a free software with a high level of downloading and conversion file.

Download Free Flv Converter 7.0 free

NOD32 Antivirus 5.2.9: download software security pc for free

NOD32 Antivirus 5.2.9  through a number of operations for this utility is to keep the balance of your machine. It helps to preserve important and sensitive information of the types of possible threats.

NOD32 Antivirus: provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of malware, the program even provide protection against future threats likely.

Capabilities NOD32 Antivirus is not limited to viruses, hackers, adware and spyware can slow your PC, but also to fight against tomorrow's threats in real time, its interface is simple.

NOD32 is a very effective way, it is easy to download both versions offer more than one free trial, and another purchase.

 Download Nod32 Antivirus 5.2.9 for free 

Monday, October 1, 2012

TestDisk+PhotoRec :Download free hard drive recovery+ repair

download for free TestDisk+photorec
TestDisk + PhotoRec  6.13: these include a high-level software that simultaneously plays two roles separate, so that TestDisk PhotoRec can recover  all partitions of a hard disk(hard drive recovery software free) even make changes and repairs level partitions with known problems with components sectors, in addition , this free software gives access to the recovery of all lost data of drive simply.

As a general ,TestDisk can recover lost partitions of a hard disk, the more that this software is able to detect bad sectors at the latter even bring actions to rectify most relevant to repair these errors.

In addition, there are also PhotoRec which plays the role of data recovery lost due to deletion poorly controlled by the user himself, more than lost data even after formatting the computer for any causes.

most last version of this software data recovery is that known as TestDisk PhotoRec + 6.13, even more this tool is completely free and has worn it.

                        Download TestDisk+PhotoRec 6.13 free

WinZip 15:download free software of compression and archiving

download free soft of compression file:winzip 15
WinZip 15 is a software of compression and decompression of files on PC, the new version is out in English with services update included allows you to split archives, rename files compressed, password-protected password.

WinZip 15 is characterized by an intuitive and ergonomic form: extraction or compression in a single operation, many features available with a single click, actually it is a software compression and archiving high.

WinZip is integrated on Windows family acts as an application natived'XP.

Download WinZip 15 for free

Switch Audio Converter :free audio converter download

download switch audio file converter for free
Switch Audio Converter is a tool for converting audio files in general, so that Switch Audio Converter 5.1 allows you to convert files with most audio extensions to other types of extensions, including the software supports as several extensions to, mp3 wav, flac, aac and others.

Switch Audio Converter is available for Windows and Mac at the same time, more than this software is completely free.

                Download free audio converter 5.1 for free

PDFCreator :download free software of creation of PDF files

PDFCreator (1.2.3): pdf creator is software that brings a lot of important things for the users so that the software allows you to create PDF files in the most intuitive way, so that pdf creator software installs as a printer on the machine, for this reason, this software has the ability to create even a list of other file types provided they have the option of printing.

On the other hand, pdf creator 1.2.3 can even make secure data created, so that it provides a high-level encryption PDF, rather than its tool providing the option to sign the documents created by a user, which increases from one way or another the rate of security.

More than that,Creator  PDF 1.2.3 allows you to merge a set of PDF files into one. This software is free, as it is user friendly and easy to install.

Download PDFCreator 1.2.3 for free

PhotoExpress 6 :Download software picture / slideshow free

download Photoexpress 6 for free
PhotoExpress 6 offers a multitude of models ready, very nice, in which selections are stored. Just then insert their own text or images in assembling made. A great idea that will give you great satisfaction to quickly author.

Once again, this is a satisfactory result without any effort from the user, a goal clearly successful.

PhotoExpress: so also provides a dedicated Explorer to view images on your hard disk as thumbnails. Pleasant to use, it helps your research.

Photo Express: offers more function and even slideshow screensaver. Therefore PhotoExpress appreciate its limitations and does not try too hard to bifurcate into the paths of creation.

                        Download PhotoExpress 6 for free 

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 9.2 :best firewall to download for free

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 9.2: Firewall is still the best defense to fight against the pitfalls of hackers who use the network to infect you or rob you. Zone Alarm, Zone Labs, Inc.., Available in free version for individuals.

This software of virus protection acts as a barrier that filters incoming data on your computer the great strength of such an application is that it allows you to define accurately what applications can connect to the Internet.

So, taking the example of the recent Lovesan and Blaser, which spread around the world by exploiting a flaw in Windows, it would be sufficient that each user has a firewall so that the attack is negated .

Indeed, to operate, these viruses were calling program Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Once installed ZoneAlarm, when the virus gets under way and tries to connect to the network, the program Generic Host Process for Win 32 is denied access to the Internet and the virus is still on your computer, but it is totally obstructed.

Should be an expert to configure a firewall? Definitely not. Simply configure the firewall so that it prompts you for confirmation before connecting to the internet application. When you see a suspicious program tries to connect.

                       Download Zonealarm Free 9.2 Firewall 

avira antivir personal edition:download avira software for free

download antivir avira for free
Avira AntiVir Personal Edition: the moment you are the owner of a computer, it is about being attacked by many disruptive elements that are usually called viruses, for this reason we must consider is an effective way to deal with the virus preventing external, among effective way to detect all the elements considered as intruders quoting avira antivirus is one of the most powerful antivirus in the world, anyway, time or own this antivirus detects something 'abnormal at computer.

Avira antivirus immediately sends signals to the user to inform him that he is threatened by an intruder, the fact that most of automatic removal of malicious elements.

Avira antivirus personal edition is generally in anglais, it is more free, more than that, avira can be installed under Windows (xp, 7vista, ..).


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Video Converter:donwload software of conversion file video free

download free video converterFree video converter is a software to convert files very experienced, given the quality video conversion to other types of hand even more thanks to the simple use of  free video file converter(MP4,MOV...).

Free Video Converter ( is a very good software used to make optimal conversion of any video file to several other extensions, it is characterized by its small size, which ensures no interference with the operation  ordinal of computer, and more Free Video Converter  carries a interface more explained, which helps in increasing rates friendliness of this converter.

Free Video Converter software preserves some conversion types as are available after purchase Free FLV Converter.

                      Download Free Video Converter free

unlocker 1.9.1:download software for handling file free

free download unlockerunlocker is a very good software used, thanks to the effectiveness of the treatment unlock files whatever the type, manner it is possible to modify or rename or delete files with high security.

Unlocker 1.9.1:Often to delete files especially when it comes to software, you must reboot your machine some cases this can permanently get rid of this software and fully, or it is possible to delete programs without the need for reboot is what the tool offers Unlocker deletes files an application access restrictions that prevent the user to move, delete or rename a file.

Unlocker can also terminate a process running.

Unlocker is designed to  unlocks or disables all that is preventing the user to access a file.

               Download unlocker  1.9.1(last version) for free
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camstudio:free video capture software

download camstudio free

CamStudio: It's a free video capture software,This is a program for making screenshots, screen recorder, a general way, the software can record everything that happens on the screen for any length of time,more that the choice of adding sound during recording.
The latest version of this software is that CamStudio 2.6.

              Download camstudio 2.6 for free

iTunes :Download itune apple reader free

download iTune for freeiTunes (10.4): This is a free product from Apple, it is generally used for playing audio, anyway itune Count takes a large number of file extensions (audio, mp3 ..), in addition to AC and its role as a reader, itunes to manage the list of files read, so it gives the choice to shuffle files.

Itun can still play the role of songs in a very smart way, in addition to its role as a cd burner, mp3 very efficient.

On the other hand, the iTunes software; door functionality to a share on the network, it can even be synchronized easily with mobile devices iphone, ipod, which opens the option to transfer the data (images, music ..) easily to the computer or the reverse.

Currently, this product have  two formats available or valid for 32-bit machines and one for 64-bit machines (itunes 64 bit).

                    Download itune 10.4 for free

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shutdown :software to automatically stop pc

download shutdown for freeShutdown software is considered a value thanks to its primary feature that comes in turning off the computer automatically after a certain time determined by a timer, like this, can not even remember the situations of installation, listening to music that requires action by the user closing same, so as ue it did not need to adjust the shutdown timer 1, and after the expiry of this time, the computer 's off all alone.

This free software is compatible with operating systems like windows (xp, vista, win 98 ..).

           download shutdown free 

Ashampoo WinOptimizer: Free software optimization

download ashampoo winoptimzer free Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a program designed to clean and optimize Windows systems, the manner it offers more  perfermences on functional level of computers, it is also available for each user: beginner or not .

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer has several components that measure system performance and predict hearing the machine, manner that the user of this free software can delete damaged files , it can even disable the annoying entries etc. any way an easy and simple click.

WinOptimizer offers in its latest version features many more, so as the restoration of deleted files and their recovery is a choice open, and there are other techniques to discover after you download this software.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9  is a way for high-level optimisation of computers, since its effectiveness and usability.

              Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer  9 free

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