Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SpeedFan:download software optimization pc for free

download soft free
SpeedFan is a software of computer monitoring in general, manner that this free software plays the role of monitoring computer components such as CPU, fan and another is a very good software to optimize well the pc.

SpeedFan 4.47 gives access to users to have access to SMART information, with the help of this information the user can easily identify the sources déffaience system of the machine, and to audit the most correct, besides AC Sped fan is used to analyze the processor, and then analyze the perfermences processors, even more the ability to analyzes to control fan temperature to protect the processor and integrated circuits.

Speed ​​Fan is a free software that is compatible with operating systems like Windows, more than the latest version is 4.47.

SpeedFan 4.47 free download free

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