Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ares: P2P tool network sharingfor free

Ares (2.1.7): Ares Galaxy is a free tools most used in the case of applications for file sharing on the network, so that the software can share as many files whatever the type specifically music, audio, or pictures, or even document files.

Ares is characterized by its user-friendly interface, so that it becomes easy for users to control downloaded or those who are being downloaded, even after viewing the most intuitive way of downloaded files.

Ares 2.1.7 implements a search option than the implementation of tools that enable online conversations within a network. Which guarantees a heterogeneous environment meeting.

Soon we AresGalaxy installed on the machine, you must realize and take into consideration the quality of subjects downloads files.

Download ares  for free


Google Chrome: navigation software free download

Google Chrome: This is a good web browser, so it provides users a very optimal navigation, everything is thanks to its very intelligent navigation system, anyway, Google Chrome provides guarantees for a webmaster security level, so that each browser window opens only in a tab, rather than its ability to save the last pages seen after an unplanned shutdown.

Google Chrome makes available a large number of topics, which helps efficiently in determining final product status.

During the sessions of navigation using Google Chrome, it gives you the choice to save passwords typed, which prevents the user forgetting their password.

Download google chrome free

Saturday, April 20, 2013

ImgBurn: Free tool engraving software download

ImgBurn This is usually one of the most powerful software in the burning area, given its simplicity and usability, ImgBurn is the focal point of a large part of the users who want it to create or burn cd / dvd of the simplest and most accurate.

Img Burner is designed to support a large number of extensions subjects burning and authoring files, so that the software takes into account the formats BIN, GI, DVD ... further that the etching rate is higher by compared to other burning tools.

On the other hand, ImgBurn implements the functionality of automatic speed adjustment according to the characteristics of the materials used, the goal is to have access to excellent results dice the task of creation is completed.

The most current version is the last known ImgBurn

 Download ImgBurn   Free  

PC Wizard:software of and analysis and detection free

PC Wizard 2010.1.961: This is a very powerful tool that can specify and detect the hardware in any computer, even this detection still takes into account the latest technology, even on the other hand this software is able to make well detailed analysis of the machine, besides being able to test the performance of the latter, all with the aim to specify the level of operation of the machine in order to rectify the problems and faults if there is some one.

PCWizard analyse processor, RAM, hard disk, drive units and others.
PC Wizard 2010.1.962 is the latest version of this free software to download.
download PC Wizard 2010.1.962 free

CPU-Z information collection pc free

CPU-Z: This is such a high-level software that helps effectively in determining the information to any machine, usually the information obtained after consultation with CPU-Z 1.58 is that concerning the micro pressure and performance such as speed and the number, type, name and other information about the motherboard, specifically the name of the same card model bios, in addition to the types of connectors cards (sound, graphic ...).

In addition, CPU-Z provides information about the system in a general way, as a sort of example, mention the type of operation, the version and other information system to discover after installing CPU Z 1.58.
CPU-Z 1.58 download free free

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nero Multimedia Suite 10: Tips to Succeed allow an engraving

Nero Multimedia Suite 10: Success  a print or not depends on many parameters, here are some basic rules to follow to complete this operation. For burning a CD, of course, is not very complicated. But there are still some basic rules to follow if you do not want to have too many losses consumables ...

Must be such that if you do not have a burner using the Burn Proof or JustLink technology, etching should at no time be interrupted, so you think you disable any screen saver.

If you record from a CD, you have two options you burning on the fly or picture. The first is more risky but faster.
 Also to limit the damage, consider looking for example if the original CD is clean, because fingerprints can be enough to cause a problem reading so suddenly empty the buffer of the drive.

 Nero Multimedia Suite 10 download free

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PassMem soft sécurité password free

PassMem Although secure password requires some experience: for example, a strong password is the one who combines a variety of different characters (numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase and others ...).

In general we can not exclude - a way definitively the possibility to spy and detect our sensitive data (critical dates access codes, figures, numbers). The right choice to be safe is to install a tool that allows effective protection of all personal data you stoker on your machine.

PassMem: program offer a perfect solution for the three main requirements for a manager password:
- Easy to put a new entry, with as few clicks as possible
-Easy to find an entry using a quick-search feature
- The safety, security, security.

Download Free PassMem  free