Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Utilities 9.9.9 :download free pc cleaning software

download super utilities free Super Utilities 9.9.9 is a software for cleaning computer the most famous, so has with the help of this simple software, you can use several features to make the operation faster pc.

optimize pc, is the issue of concern to the majority of users, so that the data accumulated at HDD, register at the same viruses that interferes with the ordinal of the machine, all these factors gives more weakness in the system, with  Super Utilities  you can generally wipe the hard drive and registry (registry clean).

Note that this version of Super Utilities 9.9.9 implements additional features compared to the other version, everything has to go make a more optimal cleaning.

Super Utilities implements the function known as GUARD Folder allows to hide folders, even deletion feature traces left after a navigation, and there are other performances to discover after download Super Utilities  9.9. 9.

Download Super utilities 9.9.9 for free

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