Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Format Factory: Free Media Conversion Software

Format Factory 3.00: These include a high-level software that provides access to the conversion of media files to other types of extensions, such as Format Factory implements most of the types of extensions commonly used in the world of audio / video playback.

Format Factory supports the following extensions: MP3, MPG, MP3, AVI, WMX ... not to mention free software that allows conversion in addition to the collection of video files to DVD, it is also possible to restoration of corrupted files for easy reading later.

FormatFactory 3 supports more extensions compatible with Iphone, PSP, Blackberry ...

This software is a free tool and easy to download and use, it is also compatible with most systems like windows (xp, 2000,98) .....

 Download Format factory 3.00 Free

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